Company concept

We firmly believe that "brand" is not only a trademark, a product, but also a kind of quality. It uses good quality to maintain consumers' trust in the enterprise;

3D sand mold printing

3D color printing

3D metal printing

3D ceramic printing

Our services

We offer multi domain 3D printing solutions

Metal 3D + ceramic 3D + 3D sand mold printing + Color 3D printing

Our strengths

15 years for one thing


3A credit unit


National High Tech Enterprises


15 years technical precipitation


Team members

 Every brand is a product, but not all products 

They are all brands~

Inkjet control system

(support mainstream industrial nozzle)

Negative pressure temperature control

(automatically adjust temperature and negative pressure)

Motion control system

(supports 3-axis linkage)

API development support

(SDK and demo are provided to support secondary development)

Give you different experience value

We understand the business model and needs of small and medium-sized enterprises

We advocate that customers perceive the experience value of products, and

Not just the function of the product

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly in 7 * 24 hours


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